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Established since 1992, Studio DL has over the past three decades produced award winning commercial and lifestyle photography for international and local advertising agencies. 

That's only half our story.

It's part of Studio DL’s vision to give back and contribute to the community through one of the ways we know best - photography. Over the years we have initiated, partnered and actively supported many photography projects and pro-bono work for the benefit of empowering different communities.



Partnering Plus Community Partnership, Studio DL taught a group of visually impaired students from Malaysia Association of the Blind (MAB) to use photography as a tool to express their inner self.

The lessons were designed to empower the visually impaired with a skill they previously had no access to. The students with varying degrees of blindness were guided by emotion, intuition and other senses to capture images.

This 10-week experimental lessons sponsored by Huawei Malaysia from March to June 2018, challenged stereotypes on the limitations of sight. It demonstrated that photography is not just about capturing that which can be seen, but also what is felt, tasted, heard, smelled and imagined.

At Ruang, ThinkCity on September 2018, 70 photos, 28 tactile embossed photos with accompanying audio descriptor headsets, were exhibited as Malaysia's first photo exhibition by the blind.


Jointly organised with Yayasan Sejahtera (YS), Juh Ambik Gambar, a Family Photography Workshop was conducted for the residents of Kampung Pinggan Jaya (KPJ) in Sarawak.

Held in April 2019, with the support of Yayasan Hasanah, this 2-day workshop provided a platform for participants to express themselves creatively.

35 members of the community, including parents and children bonded together to have fun and to learn practical photography skills, especially useful for home-based entrepreneurs to boost sales.

KL International Art Festival, PPR Sri Tioman 1, Kids Photography Workshop

KLIAF PAST1 Kids Photography Workshop encouraged 40 children, aged between 6 to 17 years old, from Sri Tioman People's Housing Programme (PPR) flats, Taman Melati, to draw inspiration from KL city centre, and apply these inspirations to photography and tell stories of their home and neighbourhood.

This project, a collaboration between Studio DL, DiverseCity and ThinkCity was part of a program to transform and upgrade communities through art and design. 

The photos were exhibited in the underground walkway at the Masjid Jamek's LRT tunnel from Aug till Oct 2018.

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All Videos

Resonance Kids

To inspire children to capture images of KL, Studio DL mentored 22 kids between ages 7-18 from three orphanages to embark on a photo adventure in the city.

In October 2016, armed with donated cameras and a crash course on basic photography, the children and volunteers boarded Masjid Jamek LRT, to photograph different parts of the city, including Pudu market, Brickfields, Masjid Jamek, and Petaling St.

The photos were exhibited along the underground walkway at Masjid Jamek LRT tunnel from Jan till Feb 2017.

The project was part of the AOTM programme to connect art and culture activities to KL's rail transport system, and jointly partnered with Think City, a community-focused urban regeneration organisation and Prasarana, a public transport service provider.

Suatukala Photography Workshop

In 2015, Studio DL conducted fortnightly photo workshops teaching 40 children ages 11-12 from Sekolah Kebangsaan Tamil Ladang Sungai Raya in Langkawi to tell their stories through photography.

These children, of a rubber-tappers community, exhibited their photos in "The World Through our Eyes" photo exhibition during Suatukala Showcase, a platform for participants from various disciplines to share the art of story-telling.

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