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Studio DL Photography Workshop

A professional hard-knock photography course, there is no other quite like Studio DL Photography Workshop.

Open to aspiring professional photographers or impassioned hobbyists, the course empowers students to master not only the essential photography foundation but also the technical working knowledge from equipment to software and production.

Here’s an exceptional opportunity to study photography under experienced commercial photographers.

These professionals are active with years of experience in different genres, from commercial work to fine arts and photojournalism. This course imparts valuable lessons and spectacular insights into the realities of contemporary photography for a possible career in photography or for leisure.

As you learn the creative and technical elements, you will receive hands-on training on different photographic disciplines.

The curriculum will also enable you to create a personal portfolio, as a first step to enter into a career in photography.

This course is run by Studio DL Sdn Bhd ( 638906 - V ).

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